Surviving Saskatoon
By David Collier
Published by Drawn & Quarterly 2000

Reviewed by Lydia H.

David Milgaard was just a hippie kid, picking up a friend in Saskatoon for an impromptu road trip to Vancouver when his life changed forever. Surviving Saskatoon is the story of David Milgaard’s false imprisonment (25 years!) for the brutal rape and murder of Gail Miller.

The way Collier retells this story is incredibly well done. The pacing is excellent. He successfully navigates a complicated story by introducing separate events alongside each other as they occurred in time. This can be tricky because it can easily confuse your reader, but I was able to keep up with no problem.

It’s a relatively quick and intriguing read. It’s a unique comic that I’m more than happy to have in my collection.

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