The Roberts
Published by Shadowline 2008
Written by Wayne Chinsang and Justin Shady
Illustrated by Erik Rose

Reviewed by Megan H

The Boston Strangler and the Zodiac Killer are alive and well in this two part comic series entitled The Roberts. We are first introduced to Robert, The Boston Strangler, who is well known for the murders of twenty-one women. He has evaded capture for a number of decades and now resides in the Shady Lane Retirement Center. Unfortunately, Robert has not led a normal life. He never married, had kids, or really had anyone to call a friend. Towards the middle of the first comic, we are then introduced to the second Robert, also known as the Zodiac Killer, who has led a perfectly normal life. He married, had kids and now has grandchildren as well. One day, the Zodiac Killer confronts The Boston Strangler and tells him that he knows who he really is. The two take a walk and begin to chat about their old pastime, as well as the last time they had killed. The Zodiac Killer also admits that his marriage was once failing, that he needed an outlet. This outlet, he said, actually helped his marriage; it made him become a better husband, a better father, a better worker and a better friend. Later the two have a beer together and begin to play a little game. The game you may ask? A murder of course, right there in the retirement home. The ending of this story is really interesting, but I will let you inquire about that yourselves.

From the moment I began reading these two novels I was hooked. I felt like this would be how Dexter was to live when he evaded capture after a couple of decades. I first picked these comics up from a local sale because the covers were visually appealing, but also found out that the story is really well illustrated. The language used definitely helps to tie into that fact that two serial killers are actually telling this story. Fans of Dexter and Hannibal will certainly enjoy this, but anyone intrigued by the darkness of human nature will want to read it as well.

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